What makes us different?

We pride ourselves in giving you our time.  We will spend a full hour with you.  Most PTs only able to spend 15-30min with a patient.  After that, you are shuffled off to an aid or PTA.  No aids or PTA's here.  Just Doctor's of Physical Therapy.  You will be with the same PT every time.  This allows them to really dial into what is the matter.  

Do you take insurance?

No.  We will eventually take Tricare, but other than that we are cash only.

Define personalized care?

People may have similar problems, but will have different areas that are tight/loose/weak etc.  We will design a treatment plan that is specific to YOUR needs.  This plan will adapt as you progress further into healing. 

What do you mean by movement analysis?

There are a lot of little things that happen when we move that add up big time.  Most PT's will do some sort of gait analysis when they see a patient.  Here, if you come in due to your shoulders hurting in say overhead squats, we're gonna get out a pvc pipe, and do some overhead squats.  If you have issues running, we have a manual powered treadmill, which you will get on, and I will watch your cadence and running form.  We pride ourselves in our ability to break down complicated movements into smaller pieces, tweak them, and then put it all together.