What makes us different?

  • Personalized care.  
  • Detailed movement analysis
  • We pride our selves in spending an hour with our patients
  • Follow up, we will check in with you regarding how your condition
  • We treat the whole person

Here at one life, we specialize in analyzing and correcting movement dysfunction.  We are experts in seeing and correcting movement.  Most people, athletes especially, need a practitioner that understands the demands of their specific sport.  I have spent many thousands of hours coaching, competing, and teaching others how to move properly with regard to their sport.  Our goal is not just to get you pain free, its to make you better at said activity so that we increase performance and prevent re-injury.

Our Story

I have been involved in sports and exercise all my life.  From gymnastics, track, baseball, football, track, being a naval officer, and a 3x regional athlete at CrossFit, I've done it all at one point or another.  In 2010, I began to have issues with my achilles. It stopped me from running and eventually resulted in surgery in 2017.  I devoted my life to learning about movement.  I learned, that when I addressed my movement issues, not only did my pain improve, but I was able to see a significant improvement in my athletic performance without any additional training.  This led me to the concept of economy of motion.  Basically, that means doing more work with less effort, or movement efficiency.  Some might call it working smarter, not harder.  Whether or goal is to heal from an injury, reduce pain, or reach our athletic potential, correcting movement dysfunction is an absolute must.  

Meet the Team

Clint Russell, DPT

Founder & CEO

Clint is the Lead Physical Therapist at One Life.  He has worked with clients in athletic setting for 15 years.  Seeing a need to further his knowledge and ability to help people, he enrolled at the University of Saint Augustine where he completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  He is passionate about helping people live their best life.  Clint works with people recovering from injury, those seeking performance gains in athletics/sports, youth and everyone in between!

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Kimberly Russell

Behind the Scenes Director

Kimberly has been Clint's right hand for the last decade.  She helps with all of the behind the scenes work so that he can focus on working with clients.

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Next Steps...

Send us an email and let us know a little about you.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you have or schedule an appointment.