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Mechanical Advantage

Below is a video link of Mitch Langenfield, one of our members at CrossFit Coronado since 2010.  Mitch has the goal of squatting 500lbs.  A pretty impressive feat for anyone I might add.  Mitch started a specific squat program to help him reach this goal.  Before this, it was imperative that his form be very good as his program called for 4 days a week of squatting.  So, for several months we had Mitch work on the splits.  He did this everyday sometimes 2x a day.  This increased the length of his hamstrings, which allowed him to maintain his lumbar curve when below parallel.  The biggest movement fault in any movement, much less heavy squatting, is failing to maintain, integrity of the midline.  Not only is it dangerous, the body is simply not as effective at producing force.  After a few months, Mitch noticed that he not only could keep his back straight, but he could stay on his heels and bounce out of the bottom.  When we started this, his squat was 365lbs.  The video is 465lbs.  This illustrates that optimal movement is ABSOLUTELY critical if you want to get to this level.  If you don’t take the time to move well and fix your faults, you can’t reach your potential.

Now go do your mobility.

Mitch hit a 465# back squat this week and made it…

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Alyssa Tieber, DPT

I started my CrossFit journey in 2017 at Crossfit Templum, and have gained many  friendships, business partners and relationships for life. Let’s not forget to mention that I have also gained muscles!

With dedication and hard work I lost about 50lbs. I am surrounded by great coaches and people that push hard for themselves and for others. In 2019, I made the decision to become a coach and lead like they do.



CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Melissa Rollenhagen, DPT

Melissa has always had a love of sports that led to her career as a Physical Therapist. She was born and raised in Michigan and attended Central Michigan University to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her husband’s career in the Navy recently brought her to San Diego. She has been practicing for 13 years with an emphasis on sports related injuries and rehabilitation. She has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and live their best lives.


Founder & CEO

Bryan “Clint” Russell, DPT: Clint decided to go to PT school after years of running a gym and researching how to help himself and others stay strong and prevent and rehab injuries. A native Texan, he played football and rant rack in high school. He attended Texas A&M before relocating to San Diego with the Navy. Prior to attending PT school through University of St. Augustine, he worked as an instructor at SERE school. He is the owner of CrossFit Coronado and runs the PT practice alongside the gym.


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